The Lushfab Jaipur Story

In 1979, Lashkari Textiles opened its first shop at Chaura Rasta, Jaipur to offer beautifully designed Jaipuri Razai / Quilt with Mughal, Sanganeri and Hand-block Prints. The store was an instant success with people lining up outside the shop to purchase Jaipuri Quilts made from pure cotton.  Soon expanding the business to include factories to manufacture own collection of Jaipuri Quilts and other bed linen accessories.  

Sustainability plays a vital role at Lushfab Jaipur, and we strongly feel our duty to use sustainable fabrics and ensuring fair-trade. All the Quilts are printed, weaved, hand-stitched and finished by the local artisans of Jaipur and we ensure that these artisans are paid fairly. The very lightweight nature of these Quilts is its specialty, to help you get warm and cozy in seconds. The Jaipuri Razai is made in such a manner that it does not allow the body heat to leak thus, keeping you warm in the cold nights and help you dream better.  

No middlemen, no unnecessary supply chain, only the highest quality Quilts on the market. Period.  

How we’re different? 

We build relationships- With our suppliers, our colleagues and most importantly our customers. 


100% genuine Quality-  Offering genuine quality Quilts / Razai that are made in Jaipur by the people who truly care. 


100% value for money– Other platforms are selling Quilts for very higher prices but we make sure there are no middlemen and you get the maximum satisfaction.  


Traditional Prints and Designs - Our Desings engage you in the luxurious beauty of the textile art of Jaipur.