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Jaipuri Razai, Jaipuri Quilt: Best thing for a cozy good night's sleep.

Jaipuri Razai/ Jaipuri Quilt – Art, Meaning, Process & Features.

Rajasthan is the royal pride of India and Jaipur its capital the land of conquerors is home to many traditional crafts and fine artistry. India is one country that enjoys warm and sunny summers and equally cold and chilly winters. Rajasthan experiences both in extreme conditions.

Therefore, the people here find it a necessity to create a warm bed covering for their bed. This marked the emergence of the world-renowned Cotton Jaipuri Razai or Jaipuri Quilts. This craft then furthering enhanced itself aesthetically as soon as it found royal patronage.

What is a Jaipuri Razai?

The term Jaipuri Razai is made of two words ‘Jaipuri’ meaning something that belongs to Jaipur and ‘Razai’ which means quilts in Hindi, they are handmade quilts made by the local artisans of Jaipur by the process of screen printing and block printing in Jaipur. Jaipuri Razai is popularly known as ‘Jaipuri Razai 100gms’ is famous all over the world for its warmth and comfort.

These handmade Rajasthani quilts show the superiority of local artisan’s craftsmanship. The skills and talents of these artisans are very admirable because they put a lot of effort into making unique and beautiful Jaipuri Quilts.  

The specialty lies in the aesthetic prints and designs which include, Mughal Boots, Traditional Flowers, Elephants, Motifs, and Mughal imprinted designs that depict the traditional old culture of Rajasthan. These are one of a kind of Indian cotton quilts made in only Jaipur with such prints and designs. 


Process of making Jaipuri Razai/Quilts

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Jaipur quilts are handmade and hand-stitched which makes them unique. The dateless techniques of cotton carding, cotton voile-making, and quilting are utilized by the artisans while crafting these amazing Jaipuri Quilts. The process includes:

1Screen Printing and Block printing

The first important decision to make Jaipuri Razai is the selection of traditional designs and prints like Sanganeri print, Mughal prints, etc, and choose a method of printing for printing the designs on the cotton fabric. Traditional methods include Screen printing and Hand-Block printing in Jaipur for making quilts.

2. Cotton Carding

It is a procedure that prepares cotton to be used as a filling in the quilts. Two carders are deployed for this purpose, which are convex paddles equipped with small teeth – the cotton fibers are placed onto of the carders, while the other is drawn across the face of the first one multiple times. The position of carders is transitioned between horizontal and vertical – this is done to remove the dross from cotton, which is the waste material.

After carding, only soft and fine fibers remain behind – this process takes a full week! This results in leaving behind around 100 grams of cotton.

3. Cotton Voile Spreading

The “layering” is when the cotton is distributed evenly throughout the Jaipuri quilt or else, it will end up being bulging at some points while other parts tend to sag. This part is pivotal for imparting warmth and coziness to the handmade quilt – the covering is premium quality cotton voile, which is a lightweight yet gauzy cotton fabric that has a silky soft surface.

4. Hand-Stitching by the Local Artisans

This is the last stage when the quilts are stitched together and made into a proper Jaipuri Razai/ Quilt.  It is a process called ‘Tagaai’ in Hindi and is native to the local artisans. The quilt is handstitched closely and nicely to ensure the body heat does not leak, which makes the Jaipuri quilt everyone's favorite.

The functionality of Jaipuri Razai/Quilt 

Whether you are looking for a Jaipuri Razai/Quilt, single bed or a double bed quilt set, these special and top quality Cotton Razai are made exclusively in Jaipur. Jaipuri Razai/Quilt is best for winters as well as for use in the AC. Jaipuri Razai is often also called AC quilt and attracts demand from cities like Mumbai and Bangalore for its use. However, Jaipuri Razai for winter is widely known in the cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, and mostly in North India.


100gm cotton jaipuri razai for winter features-lushfabjaipur

Jaipuri Razai, Jaipuri Quilts are made from 100% cotton. 1 kg of cotton is refined till the point it becomes light enough to weight only 100gms Therefore they are super comfortable, warm, cozy, lightweight, breathable, and different from the normal quilts. Jaipuri quilts are handmade and dyed with natural dyes.

1. Hand Block Printed Razai

Hand blocking is one of the specialties of Jaipuri Razai. Hand blocking is a centuries-old technique used in Rajasthan. Wooden blocks are cut out in multiple shapes and unique designs are carved onto them. Then these blocks are dipped in color and pressed onto the cloth repeatedly.

2. Reversible

Jaipuri Razai is reversible and largely depends on the manufacturers to make it reversible. Hence, when you turn the side around you will encounter a completely new pattern, design, and color. The new quilt is just a flip away! Also, since the stitching is dual-sided, the durability increases.

3. Dynamic Traditional Motifs

A Jaipuri Razai brings in classic colors, designs, patterns, and hard work of so many artisans. The colors that have been extracted from flowers, leaves and peels of fruits and vegetables are used. The patterns you see are the product of the creativity of the minds of these artisans who have been practicing the art of making Jaipuri Razai for decades.

The designs and embroidery you find on these quilts are also unique. There are various kinds of prints that Rae famous and sought after when it comes to Jaipuri Razai, includes Sanganeri print, Mughal print, Hand-Block Print, Gold Print, and Machine Stitched and Quilted.

4. Super soft and cozy

The one thing people from all over the world are so fond of Indian Jaipuri Quilt is because of its utter softness. Jaipuri quilts are super soft and cozy because of the cotton filling.

6. Ultra-lightweight

Well, it is no surprise that being ultra-lightweight is one of Jaipuri Razai’s most credible features.

7. Washable

Jaipuri Razai / quilts are washable. Wash your quilt in the washing machine but use a gentle or hand wash cycle. These quilts are made up of fine fibers and delicate materials so be sure about the fabric to maintain.


Lushfab Jaipur offers a wide variety of Jaipuri Razai, Jaipuri Quilts for a single bed, and double bed sizes. All the quilts are 100% cotton, reversible, and washable made ensuring fair trade practices in Jaipur.

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